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Tiffin’s 2011 Allegro Motor Home/ Bus

Tiffin has a new Allegro bus model RV out for the year 2011. It is available in five different floor plan choices as well as two chassis choices which lie between the Powerglide and Freightliner chassis. This motor home is powered by a diesel Cummins ISL engine which has a horsepower of 450.

The exterior length of this model ranges from 36 ft. 11 inches to 43 ft. 6 inches. The exterior height of the model is 12 feet 7 inches, while the exterior width is 8 feet 5 inches. The interior height of the model meanwhile comes to 7 feet which is quite comfortable even for someone who is very tall. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the model ranges from 34,600 pounds to 49,000 pounds.

According to the Tiffin Motorhome Co., the new 2011 year model Allegro offers a lot of quality features that are built to suit a more gracious lifestyle. There is no upgrade that they have overlooked. It features a porcelain tile which is quite decorative and a kitchen that is residential styled. The exterior also features six premium colors to choose from, which also comes with a protective front cap film layer so as to preserve the impeccable paint job and is also standard.

This Tiffin motor home also has a 37 inch TV in the front overhead area and sleeper pullout sofas which can easily sleep the whole family. The lustrous wooden cabinets are and crafted by Tiffin and are the perfect choice for stowing away all your needs. The kitchen is also quite smartly equipped and boasts of all the latest gadgets and equipments.

Some of these include a stainless steel residential style refrigerator, a versatile microwave convection oven, a double cooktop as well as a counter space which expands. As an optional feature you can also avail of the dishwasher for a quicker cleaning as well as the VacPan which is a dustpan extension for the vacuum cleaner central system. The interior also features an optional room which can be used by guests for freshening up. There is also a configuration of multiplex lighting and a system for energy management to help regulate the power.

One of the biggest plus points of the Tiffin coaches are that they are really quite beautiful. At the same time they are also quite liveable and have a lot of attention to every detail, to provide you with a functional RV.

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